20 books and TV shows to read and watch in 2023 to stay informed, inspired, and motivated

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Don’t get too proactive. Instead, we aim to stay sharp and experience awe in large quantities, so we use the latest insights on female empowerment to create an annual list of recommended books and shows. Updated list. With that story in hand, let’s wrap up for 2023.

About a woman who challenged status.

Gangbai Katyaawadi: A cunning boyfriend tricks 16-year-old Ganga Jajivandas Katyawadi, played by Bollywood star Alia Bhatt, into eloping in Mumbai and selling her to a brothel. Unable to find a way out of her situation and fearing backlash from her family, Ganga submits to her job, taking over the brothel when Madame dies and becoming a women’s rights politician. , her case against the Prime Minister takes the office of minister.An acclaimed biopic about a woman with an incredible story.

Hold Your Breath: Ice Dive: This documentary follows her team of all-female divers who embark on a perilous expedition to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, demonstrating strength, courage and determination in the face of extreme challenges. I’m chasing Talk about breaking stereotypes.

Kartini: Princess of Java: Watch this biographical film about Raden Ageng Kartini (Kartini) for lessons of courage and forging your own path against society’s expectations. A young woman was born into the nobility of the Dutch colony of Java. In the 1900s, a Javanese woman was denied access to higher education and had to be confined to her parents’ house after age 12 while waiting for a marriage proposal. Rather than simply accepting her own fate, Kartini taught herself to read and speak Dutch and advocated for women’s education and against polygamy.

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New York Times investigative journalists Jodie Kantor and Megan Twohy bring Hollywood’s wealthy and powerful sex offenders to justice in this dramatization starring Carey Mulligan, Zoe Kazan, and Ashley Judd (who plays herself) and groundbreaking worlds. See how they inspired the #MeToo movement. A slow and satisfying burn.

Thirty Nine: Her three best friends across their late thirties cry, laugh and drink hysterically together. Hospital Playlist Son Ye-jin and Jung Mi-do star in this hit Netflix k-drama of hers. Tip: find a buddy to watch with you and enough tissues to cry on.

Women Talking: A unique and emotional retelling of the true story of a woman in a remote religious colony in Bolivia who discusses her options in the wake of sexual crimes committed in her community. Starring Claire Foy and Rooney Mara.


Queen of the South: Teresa Mendoza is on the run after her drug-dealing boyfriend is murdered. The only way to survive? By climbing the ranks and becoming the Queen of the Cartels. Did you see one, did you see all? it’s not.

Loosely based on a true story but largely untold, this drug drama has surprises around every corner and the ending is the biggest surprise of all. was to compete in the 2016 Rio Olympics. She never thought she would do this not only as a Syrian, but as a refugee. The incredibly heartwarming story of Yusra and her sister Sarah fleeing a war-torn country to save their family, while also saving an entire ship of refugees from drowning in the Aegean Sea.


Black Panther: Wakanda Forever: King T’Challa has died, and his mother Queen Ramonda and her all-female warrior commandos must keep the peace between Wakanda and Talokan. Tarokan is a vibranium-rich underwater kingdom unknown to all until its leader surfaces to protect it. It’s Wakanda’s fault for horrifying the world’s precious natural resources and threatening the citizens of Talokan. A moving ode to grief that not only pays tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman, who played T’Challa, but also reminds us of the enduring value of women in our nation.

All at Once: Michelle Yeoh, a Chinese-American immigrant, like many women today, has to do it all at once. strained relationship with her daughter; But unlike most women (at least as far as I know), Yoh’s character Evelyn doesn’t just wonder about any other life she could have had, but also wants to save the multiverse. Connect to your own parallel universe too. Crazy.

My Name: When 17-year-old Yoon Ji-woo (Han So-hee)’s father was murdered in front of her, she asked him to train her to take revenge on his old friend, the leader of a drug cartel. . The journey not only drags her deeper into her underworld, but also reveals the depths of her own strength.

Warrior Now: 19-year-old Ava Silva is said to have died. Upon waking her up in her morgue, she discovers she has supernatural powers. It turns out that she has a halo, a god artifact, embedded in her back. That means she’s now destined to lead an ancient cult that fights nuns and demons trying to rule the Earth. A little fantasy, a little sci-fi, and lots of good old-fashioned female action, led by Portuguese actress and rising star Alba Baptista.


Worried about personal quirks? Worried about fitting? In an era of “impostor syndrome,” these characters help remind women that they can succeed just by being themselves. He has autism spectrum disorder and works for a large law firm in Seoul.

Her peers are often amused and sometimes confused by what they perceive as strange and awkward mannerisms. But they learn to accept that she is who she is and that she also doesn’t know as many people as she does about whales and concerns. Clock.

Good Luck Leo Grande: Emma Thompson plays retired widow Nancy Stokes in this drama. Nancy Stokes vows never to fake an orgasm again and hires a young sex worker named Leo Grande to help her achieve her real orgasm. A bold tribute to the ever-expanding body positivity movement.

Matilda The Musical: Roald For those of you who haven’t read Her Dahl’s Favorites, Matilda is a prodigy who successfully plots revenge on her dizzying parents, and Emma in her comical, played by Thompson. It’s about Ms. Trunchbull, the cruel headmaster. If you’ve read Matilda, this isn’t the first film adaptation of the popular book, but it’s probably the better one. , which explains why Wednesday Addams is probably the most popular female character on Netflix today, despite being cold, distant, irritable, and sadistic.


How to be a woman online: Women face unique challenges online, and it takes more than Nina Jankowitz, former executive director of the U.S. Disinformation Governance Commission, to find someone who can navigate this world better. you will have a hard time. This handbook covers a wide range of topics and includes personal anecdotes showing how women are being attacked and marginalized on the internet. Jankowicz also addresses broader social and cultural issues that contribute to these issues, promising insightful reading.

SET BOUNDARIES AND FIND PEACE: Would you like to learn to say no without feeling guilty or anxious? Feeling like you have to struggle with your body is a common challenge for women, says American therapist Nedra Grover Tawwab in the book. How to love your partner and deal with difficult people.

Powerful Women Leaders: In this inspiring and well-researched book, Guardian columnist Alwa Madawi interviews women leaders such as UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina J Mohammed and British MP Nadia Whitome to It discusses how women are challenging gender norms in leadership. A promised new world.

The Moment Of Lift: Entrepreneur and renowned philanthropist Melinda Gates on gender equality and what it would be like if girls and women around the world were empowered, educated and empowered An excellent introduction to what. An even better guide to becoming an advocate in your own community.


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This report covers the key technology, macroeconomic, and industry themes that will have a significant impact on travel and tourism in 2023. Whether you are looking to invest, gain competitive intelligence, or just become more familiar with one of these themes, this report provides comprehensive analysis on each one, while also outlining how these themes interlink, making this report highly unique.

This multi-theme thematic report covers the leading companies and organizations within the key themes in the travel and tourism industry, giving readers a strong sense of how different elements within the industry fit together and how conflicting themes might interact with one another.

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This report pinpoints the themes that are most likely to impact a company’s financial performance and position in the market. Written by an experienced travel and tourism analyst, each theme covered in this report is given: an in-depth description, an explanation as to why it is important in travel and tourism, data-led analysis, and case studies on how it is being used in different tourism sectors.

The travel and tourism industry in 2023 will look very different from 2019. The prolonged travel restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic have changed the operations and objectives of businesses and the behaviors and preferences of travelers.

COVID-19 has undoubtedly brought challenges to the sector, but it has also encouraged innovation, driven new business models, developed new niches and markets, entered new destinations, and made it more sustainable and resilient. It also provided an opportunity to move to a stronger tourism development model.

Global tourism continues to recover, but the unprecedented shock to the tourism economy caused by COVID-19 is exacerbated by the changing geopolitical situation in Ukraine. This has highly visible economic and social impacts on many people, places, businesses and the economy at large.

There is also great uncertainty about the outlook for China, once one of the world’s largest and most valuable outbound travel markets.

In these uncertain times, a strong online presence is essential for travel and tourism businesses that must be supported by innovative apps and personalized offers. The impact of COVID-19 has accelerated digital adoption, driving the adoption of more advanced technology by travel and tourism industry leaders. Better understanding and use of artificial intelligence, cloud computing and cybersecurity are key to staying on top.

Key Highlights

  • The ongoing war in Ukraine and additional travel restrictions for Russian tourists across Europe will affect key markets and slow tourism’s recovery. Russia and Ukraine account for relatively large proportions of outbound travel and spending. The absence of these two markets during the COVID-19 recovery could be detrimental for some countries, especially as the loss of these source markets is likely to be prolonged. As a by-product of the conflict, a greater challenge has emerged. Global growth prospects continue to deteriorate as inflation continues to rise despite falling commodity and oil prices in recent months. Against this backdrop, consumers have expressed great concern about their personal economic situation and especially rising inflation, all of which affect their shopping habits and consumer confidence.
  • Travel and tourism are closely related to the environment, biodiversity and nature. It is important to accept that ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is here to stay. Key players in the global tourism sector have already set out to adjust their strategies, business and operating models accordingly. This makes his ESG the most mentioned topic with 101,062 mentions in submissions from travel and tourism companies in 2021, after a 29% year-on-year increase in mentions of ESG from 78,293 in 2020. is shown. Among the ESG pillars, the environment was the most cited pillar in 2021, leading with 40,461 environmental references, according to publisher Company Filing Analytics. Additionally, growing consumer awareness of the impact travel has on nature and communities will increasingly influence the decisions travelers make about how, where and when to travel. According to a consumer survey by the publisher, xx% of his global respondents consider “sustainable/environmentally friendly features” essential or “nice to have” when purchasing. Therefore, tourism industry companies and governments need to recognize the opportunities and opportunities that ESG policies present to ultimately meet changing consumer demands and ensure long-term success.

Companies Mentioned

  • Marriott International
  • Trip.com
  • Accor
  • Melia Hotels
  • Intrepid Travel
  • G Adventures
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Booking Holdings
  • Hyatt
  • Fraport Airport
  • British Airways
  • Walt Disney
  • Choice Hotels
  • Finnair
  • Princess Cruises
  • Airbnb
  • Kerala Tourism
  • Royal Caribbean International
  • Air China
  • China Eastern Airlines
  • China Southern Airlines
  • Carnival Corporation
  • American Airlines
  • Hilton Hotels

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What Is Visual Position System? The Ultimate Guide

An explanation of a visual positioning system.

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An explanation of a visual positioning system.

The updated navigational technology from Google, the new breakthrough visual positioning system, is changing people’s lifestyles all around the world. With this new innovation, Google Maps may use the camera on the user’s phone to detect its surroundings and graphically communicate its direction to the user directly in front of their eyes. The newly created Visual Positioning System (VPS) function in Google Maps can be used when your GPS is insufficient.

The VPS analyses your surroundings to more accurately pinpoint where you are using the camera on your phone and Google’s huge back-end data.

How Does the Visual Positioning System Operate?

At its core, the Intermodal Visual Positioning System (VPS) has a monitor and an IMU. The globe will be examined, measured, and recognised using the data from these gadgets. When you repeat a mapped location, VPS analyses the area you are in using your device’s camera and Google’s massive back-end data. They can locate you much more quickly because to the features’ higher accuracy. Adding new onboard sensors can enhance tracking via GPS sensing fusion.


  • sensors that track position.
  • With the aid of the map, locate the place.

Updating the maps:

  • Exchange of maps.
  • Using a floor plan or not, overlay the map manually or based on computer information.

Visual Positioning System for Indoors:

Global Localization: What is it?

A number of good apps using an API are now available thanks to global positioning. Users are able to mark and find any spot thanks to the sophisticated sensors.

Additionally, this platform has been used by marketers and business owners to offer a variety of services. Location data has become a defining characteristic of the mobile computing community, from groundbreaking games like Pokémon Go to more widely used applications (such as Uber, Postmates).

This is how the visual positioning system for indoor navigation works:

First you have to tap the button to activate the visual view. Then simply point your device’s camera at the desired target and relevant information will be displayed. The surrounding area is shown with an overlay of map data for nearby businesses, with arrows indicating the direction to go. You’ll also see a small map at the bottom so you can see where you’re going.

GPS obtains data from surrounding buildings and points of interest rather than relying entirely on satellite positioning to eliminate errors that can occur with GPS. Google also plans to place a character on each screen to give users the feeling of being his guide on an augmented reality tour. In the demo, I tried the navigation experience with a little fox.

How to use VPS for business?

With independent companies like Ubiquity6 facing stiff competition, Google has announced the new ARCore 1.2. This is Google’s Web AR application for cloud anchors. This is a preliminary example of a full VPS integration using locally captured images instead of a central database. Nonetheless, attempts are still being made to build VPS networks around the world to offload complex cloud imaging activities.

VPS Advantages for Business:

  • Simple to use
  • VPS has a far higher accuracy rating than a GPS.
    wonderful user experience
  • To pinpoint the precise location, use the VPS application programme interference (API).
  • Additionally, it offers you the benefits of local marketing.
  • Smart camera devices can then query the vision engine through its visual positioning services once the vision engine produces large-scale 3D maps for common video and photos.

Google’s Visual Positioning System:

How Can VPS Improve the World?

Augmented Reality (AR) needs to be fixed in place to provide a stable overlay of physical reality. GPS locations are often used to connect entities to Pokémon or specific locations. However, GPS positioning can drop by several feet, making indoor reception a failed proposition for retailers.

AR/computer vision company Blippar is now using an indoor version of Urban Visual Tracking to provide a more robust AR tether than other indoor solutions. The company was the first to offer a “clear and comprehensive solution” to the AR anchor problem in its New York City and London offices. In fact, Outdoor Mapping, launched last summer, maps entire cities, from city blocks to entire communities, feeding a database with photos of boulevards, houses and even street mailboxes.

It then uses computer vision to detect houses and other external objects through the eyes of the user’s mobile device. The application illuminates objects and automatically recognizes the user from any direction.

co-founder and CEO Ambarish Mitra said his organization has mapped not just London, but San Francisco and much of the South Bay in the area. AR City apps can provide users with overlay maps, navigation, or other AR components in the mapped area. Other applications can also integrate application components with other devices.

A database can be embedded so that the system can work offline. This suggests many possible examples: retail stores, shopping malls, hotels, shopping malls, stadiums, etc. Use cases include floating AR menus in shopping malls, comments and product information displayed above shelves, treasure hunts, and interactive visitor guides.

Visual Positioning System App:

Aparna Chenna Pragada Company emphasizes Visual Positioning System to overcome navigation problems. This is how people prevent themselves from losing themselves. Instead of manipulating your phone hoping you’re heading in the same direction as the blue GPS line, your camera will look around and figure it out.

The company hasn’t said anything about the mobile device, but it could be developed as part of a broader Google Lens integration. The outside organization said late last year that he launched the AR City app for iOS users, he was looking for something similar to Blippar, and the VPS itself was, of course, originally part of the Tango project.

Google has confirmed that it is experimenting with an augmented perception device that uses cartoon avatars to guide you through cities. In the illustration, it was the shaded fox that had to be chased until it reached the goal.

Indoor Visual Positioning System:

This new technology turns any interior or space into an immersive AR experience. It works by displaying the user’s exact location via computer vision and serving appropriate augmented reality content based on that.

Enhanced Fact Presence can also be linked to a specific physical location and presented to each user when visiting that location. For example, a menu with augmented facts can be displayed in front of a restaurant in a shopping center. The menu appears in the restaurant’s exact physical location, complemented by other her AR elements, textures, and animations in real time.

Google Maps’ Visual Positioning System:

Google Maps’ upcoming AR navigation mode was first reviewed with Local Guides in yesterday’s report. Google also explains the strategy behind the World Localization app and how it uses digital mapping tools, street view and machine learning.

It’s currently not possible to mention the blue dot that shows your location on Google Maps. “Personal limits” are GPS and compass. It often leads to your location on the map, especially in urban areas.

The method of defining the direction and orientation of a device relative to a particular reference point is called distance. Different techniques address position in different ways.

Current VPS Challenges:

Position determination is a dramatic achievement for outdoor navigation systems, and there is intense pressure to replicate it indoors. Being able to locate a person in a building is useful in many ways. From finding the right office in a skyscraper, to finding the department or specific product you need in a store, to providing targeted offers while roaming the supermarket, the Galileo system can handle your indoor positioning needs. increase. The receiver struggles with multipath signals and the inability to use the satellite under test, which nominally improves measurement accuracy up to 1 meter.

Practical Use Case for VPS:

Visual Positioning System VPS extracts visual point features from georeferenced imagery due to the growing popularity of location-based services.

The three main use cases cited in the direct complaint against Google Fantasmo are:

  1. Autonomous robots: such as drones, dogs, and vehicles, might access VPS services through an SDK, greatly enhancing their navigational capabilities in comparison to using GPS alone.
  2. Augmented marketing: Major companies all over the world are actively utilising the immersive capabilities of AR to produce engaging marketing content.
  3. In one of the first truly compelling use cases for mobile AR: augmented navigation was one of the most impressive demonstrations at this year’s Google I/O developers conference. It involved editing Google Map in AR mode and using VPS to overlay helpful AR artefacts that helped users navigate to their location without using a map.

Future Attractions: Future Trends:

Google’s “world positioning” approach is to add another sensor to help you focus better. Existing objects, such as vehicles and systems that can compute magnetic and gravitational fields, quickly distort, “unreliably up to 180 degrees of error.”

VPS provides image-based unit positioning instead of GPS. VPS then uses a set of images with defined locations to generate maps and analyzes them to provide detailed and easily searchable visual features such as the contours of structures and bridges. create a visual feature database. VPS finds the device by comparing the image processing inside the phone and the VPS index. However, both the imagery and the relative location have a significant impact on the positioning accuracy of the VPS.

Google considers VPS Street View index data for 93 countries around the world with “trillions of solid indicators to implement triangulation”. This is to first “filter out the unstable parts of the scene and focus on the persistent structures that are static over time”. Machine learning is applied to eliminate trees with complex light movements and structures that differ depending on the season.


Global Pointing System (GPS) is an ingenious navigation tool. But Are we on the right track with this tool?

Begins training for more precise instructions from the Visual Positioning System (VPS). A Google Maps ID that uses your phone’s sensors to overlay arrows on the map for easy navigation.


One of the difficulties of using Google Maps is looking in the right direction. Obviously, the app tells me to go north, but I’m still wondering “where exactly am I and what direction is this?”

Attempting to solve this problem is a technique called Global Location. The techniques include visual positioning services (VPS), road maps, and machine learning to more precisely define direction and orientation. we are working on it. With this technology, users can quickly learn which path the smartphone camera follows as a sensor.

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